mr. romeo

Gotta put myself in challenge again. Something which is out of my comfort zone. Hate it, Dislike it but still have to go through. Test is coming up, both theory and practical… am i up for it? I know this not the first time i’m taking test and with all the failing experience i had… I should be BETTER in coping my stress 🙂 somehow I still miss out something… could it be my confidence?

I’m tire of questioning myself over and over again. It’s always the fear that stop me from taking out the first step! Many friends told me that i’m special, I have something that others don’t but the fact is everyone have something difference to begin with… just happen that i’m born to be me (the Romeo).

Maybe i’m scare of failing myself, i’m always aiming for something high back in my mind but when it’s time to achieve it I’ll hold back myself for… something that i still don’t understand. haa.. is funny isn’t it? so contradicting… and that’s ME.

I hope that someday in the future, when I read back this entry… I am able to ANSWER myself. =)

how will my future be? mr. romeo


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