had a good one day off yesterday. Spend some quality time at home =) but still didn’t do well in my  recent test! Ouch. What done is done, no turn back time. Just have to be positive and continue to work hard!

Next week will be our final outfield exercise then follow by the remaining theory exam and we can sort of Countdown for Commission! Time flies~ it seem juz weeks ago we saw our senior batch moving off to OCS and soon it’s gonna be our turn but on the other hand, it seem so long since i enlisted to army but the fact is, it’s only the 9th months of my National Service! Ouch again…

Quite sad recently…. can’t explain why.. coz dunno why there’s this sudden “lost” in me. Again i’m searching for something which can make me happy and continue with my life…. I seem to have it all? or am I just too greedy? Ouch for the 3rd times…


One thought on “Searching…

  1. haha i asked u what was up and u never tell me…lol u didnt do so badly la! it’s just tt the passing criteria v strict ma. anw, cheer up, things will surely look a lot better after summex 😀

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