It’s time

It seem like I just book out last night but in reality I’ve to book-in tonight! What happened to my weekend?  Woke up damn early today (7.15am). Just hope to have more time for myself and show some progress in my work.

Last fri had our final IPPT,  it feels good when you able to clear all stations and the most rewarding is you HIT a better result each time =) clock my 2.4km run @ 09m09s just feel great after the run. They always say ARMY is a turning point, somehow i agree cause so far i’ve been holding quite a no. of responsibility and honestly i’m getting tire.

Spend my sat afternoon in National Lib. doing research for my 3000words essay (wtf!) yes, WTF! lol if you are persuading your degree this amount is nothing to you in fact 3000words is normal, but…… to me is like a huge huGE HUGE amount of wordsss…


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