one month to go

Exactly one more month and we will be standing on the SAFTI Parade Square for our Commissioning Parade! Happy and excited cause this long cadet journey which I never thought of striving for it back in the BMT days had actually happened. What’s more? I count myself lucky to be selected in Air Force!

This morning had our End-of-Course Ceremony! Behind this simple yet meaningful 1hr ceremony was actually the hard works of everybody. Efforts pays off after months of struggling in co-ordination of course and wing activities. Being the “middle man” many things were pass thru me to my fellow friends and trainees not forget the responsibilities that was put on my shoulder. Don’t get me wrong… i’m not trying to say how good and capable iam but it is really a relief to see the achievement i’ve gain for myself and peoples around me.

p10302051Awarded the best trainee and received certificate of merit in my weapon terms haha… this is the first time i’m receiving something since the start of my NS LIFE lolx. It is a motivation yet a reminder for myself that there still many things I’ve to learnt and not to be complacent…

And the role of VIDEO IC was even a tougher job. lolx the pain behind hours of editing somehow remind me the days in Poly where we stayed in editing room to complete our project. I’ve to thank my buddy for helping me alot in the video editing haha we even have shifts~! ahem.


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