journey to the west…


Back to SAFTI in our joint term. It’s almost 7months since we left AIRWING, last time during our AFST i’m just a normal low profile cadet knowing nothing what’s ahead of me but coming back as a senior cadet and being the contingent commander I am entrusted with responsibilities and of cause certain amount of stress.

Getting nearer to our commission date.. quite a mix feeling thou, happy yet lost. maybe dunno what to expect when post to unit and as a young 2LT, there’s like so many things I’ve got to know and constantly remind myself. Doing the Proper not the Popular. Guess this is one of the area i’m weak in. lolx

Had out RCGC (RSAF COMBINED GRADUATION CEREMONY) last thursday, invited mom and dad =) and also received my very first sword. 🙂



p1030248RBS70p1030252Wo Tan and MSG Tingp1030257wif MAJ Geep10302551hmmm… kena sabop1030258Wo Limp1030261Wo Sathiap1030267the Poh’s brosp1030268sizing… Tall on e Left shorter on the Rightp1030270senior citizenp1030233SiRui looks sleepy lolxp1030275

p1030286wif Sch Comd, COL Kohp1030289my 2IC (Laurence) & CCWO (Jeremy)p1030288Weifeng & SOH jinyip1030282

p1030291Yiyang my airwing buddy


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