It’s 3am in the morning…. Last day of the week and it felt so short. How am Igoing to spend and not let it to waste? Felt very stress recently, been thinking alot and to put it across it’s kind of general. So many things to think about sometimes I really hope that things can be solve easily…

ORD end of this year 11112009! Many peoples is asking me, “So ROMEO, what are you going to do after ORD?” To majority of my friends/campmate they had already secure a place in university except for me or maybe not cause honestly I don’t think i’m going to pursue on study right after ORD.

You might think it’s a WRONG decision cause living in SG everyone is talking about qualification… certificate… without all this you will never make it big if not you will just spend longer time as compare to those who hold a degree etc.

i’m sick of it and i think i will feel better and happier in doing what i really want. a 8 – 6 job in office enviroment is a big NONO to me. I just had to make it happen. JUST DO IT! cause life is really short.


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