a novel


I can’t believe i actually finish my first novel… living for the past 23 yrs this is my first time finishing a book! Oh well, I hate BOOKS since i’m in primary school… especially textbook and all those wordy essay! When my teacher assigned homework for us like writing a story of 300words, I will always give this grumpy look cause I can’t see myself sitting infront of the table and start throwing words and form a sentence.. we are not even talking about paragraph here…

Maybe that the reason why my academic is always so poor even now, I still face grammar error in my writing. haha (lol @ myself)

That’s why I can’t understand why my friends ( esp. those smart JC friends) can always have a book (a thick one) and reading it whenever they go… but this book “JIA” actually made me understand why a story book can be so engaging… thou the characters and surrounding are all describe in words but through my imagination, I formed these words into a pictures… Is actually quite fun especially when you have  a story like “JIA” which was so touching… It kept me reading and reading and I spend less then a week and finished it.

Haha… is like a achievement! Thou finishing a book might be easy for any of you but maybe for me that’s something special… Hope to find 2nd book like “JIA” which can make me embark on the reading journey again… Lastly, “JIA” is a excellent book! =)

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