another year

Logon to Facebook and saw loads of Birthday wishes not forgetting the SMSes which i received since the clock hit 12 on 9th April! THANK YOU to all who had send their warmest wishes to me and those who plan so hard to SABO me when i’m back in camp. No worries, I have no where to hide!

A few peoples who I want to thanks for making my birthday a pleasant one! First, CPT RJ for approving my OFF on my birthday! That was the best present i can ask for, a BIRTHDAY OFF! Next, Keith for swapping duty with me and taking the pain to see his fellow platoon taking off! Follow by SIRUI, haha you should know why. Lastly, Yangqian for “Tah-ing” all the works while i’m on off and Weiming on Medical Appointment cum half day off! hahaha…

Ok, i’m 24 currently… wow the number is getting more and more… I’m sure I’ve grown up quite alot but life journey never end so easy… still have alot alot alot of thing which I want to do, want to learn, want to achieve… but can’t fulfill @ the moment! Of coz there’s some regrets and taken wrong path but I guess that makes me a better person cause i get to learn.

Coming down with FLU a really bad one. I spend my day hugging to Tissue Box and taking medicine! What a way to celebrate my birthday. Like what i said, a BIRTHDAY OFF! Is good to have your time to stay @ home and just chill and relax, doesn’t have to do anything just enjoy the time I had @ home. Well, my mom cooked some traditional Mee-sua and Red hard boiled eggs for me. No Present from the family, just a warm “happy birthday”! Head down to the New Tampines 1 Shopping Ctr with mom and bro… all i can say is VERY CROWDED! You have to Que to enter UNI QLO! ended up roaming ard in NTUC! hahaha…

Got a pair of new Onizuka Tiger shoe from a grp of friends! THANK YOU! I LOVE IT!

Got hooked onto this TV SERIES – FRINGE! very interesting, somehow reminded me of HEROES. Anna Torv is gorgeous!  





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