LIFE in 3DA!


Jus wanna post this PIC, afterall we are still struggling together. haha… thou some of us might not be as happy as before… what to do? just suck it up! Army vs Society, someone ever told me.. if you can’t survive in Army what makes you think that you can survive in the society. All it take is that attitude in YOU!

I dunno how to judge my own attitude but what i know is i’m no longer bother of what others think. Just dun like to be affected when anyone made a comment whether is it on me, my battery or even my unit. I think I will feel happier that way.

LIFE in 3DA! Actually i have no comment. Really whether is gd or bad, happy or not, it doesn’t matter. Afterall it’s just a learning cycle, to see how others behave and witness the SHIT flying around. Just pray hard it won’t smash right into your face. You can smell like shit the whole day but guess what? no one care! haha just SMILE and look forward to the weekend BUT if your Weekend is filled with duty, just give a bigger SMILE and look forward to the Next Weekend!

LG = Life’s Good!
okay abit random, cause family juz bought a new LG’s 42″Plasma TV! Damn SOLID!


2 thoughts on “LIFE in 3DA!

  1. hahahahahahaha..

    the shit flew in the past

    the shit is flying now

    the shit will STILL fly in future.

    pray hard it wont hit you……. and ME!!!

    pls, can the shit-thrower stop shitting on us……

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