It just prove me right on the decision i made long long time ago. U know the feeling of being tie down and your weekend gonna go down the drain with no pre-emphasis and all this decision is made by one smart alec who call the shot!

It’s been quite sometime, well about a good 2weeks since we ended a hell load of shit work and rightfully everyone deserved your little rest but should i consider myself being lucky to attached to somewhere else which i can go home everyday? but to think again, over there i made my sacrifices too so am i supposed to be satisfied just because i get to go home?

screw this man, i’m really looking forward to NOVEMBER!

Ok after typing out all the rubbish i felt better haha cause I prefer to vent my anger in words…

Last night went to clubbing with my friends, guess clubbing this word is HARDLY seen in my blog coz i’m really a anti clubber. Not that i discriminate clubbing but i’m just not so happening. Guess i’m those lazy boy next door sort. anyway it’s a social type of clubbing i didn’t drink much… was there to support my friend’s, friend in a competition.

Do you know who is Alicia Pan?


She was there with my friends and we were chatting and enjoying the competition but honestly i’ve got no idea who she is till “just now” when i google her name (cause i remembered my friend told me she’s a celebrity) then i realised “oh i’m actually hanging out with a singer” maybe the below MV will ring a bell to you.

許慧欣(evonne)和潘瑋儀(Alicia ) – 陪你等天亮

She’s a celebrity in Taiwan. check out her web @ http://www.myspace.com/officialaliciapan



7 thoughts on “b.i.n.g.o

  1. haha yah, i know her, before she went into the media industry i think.
    took dance classes together and performed in the same musical. : )

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