the Launch!


Singtel is launching iPhone 3GS on 10 JULY 2009! Arrggg… so wanted to get it but sadly i’m still serving my NS! IF only camp allow camera phone. haha cause it will be so convenience having ur MP3, Video Player and your mobile all in one device. Plus with the street directory on hand it will make my v-comd job much easier lolx! okie, not as if i’m going to sign on but i’m quite sux in our SG rd directory!!!


Here are some features:

– Launch and switch between applications quickly.

– Shoot, edit and share video right on your phone.

– Make a call or play a song using just your voice.

– Downloads data much quicker at 7.2 Mbps using SingTel’s unrivalled 3G network



coming soon


Tired Saturday afternoon!

It’s weekend but i don’t feel energetic at all. thou i’m watching ICE AGE 3 later, which supposed  to be happy cause it’s funny right? But thinking that next week i’m gonna end my friday super late again due to RANGE (again for the 3rd times) and following monday is some outfield exercise… ohhhhhhh gawd!


Initially applied for leave to Bangkok Banyan Tree but was cancelled due to H1N1. Mood cut down by half yet camp stuff never seem to cut. things still goes on in fact getting worst due to manpower. next month will be worst i guess… (those in Group1 should understand)


bla bla bla…….. life goes on.

another complaint entry! yawn.


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