Yesterday caught a late night movie @ Marina. Just nice bump into Jack Neo Sneak Preview of his new movie “Where got Ghost” anyway watched “Orphan”. There’s really something wrong with esther! Is not those ghost scary type where things can’t explained, there a really good twist in the movie… at least I never expect to turn out that way hahaha..

*clap clap* I like ESTHER! Her acting is SO good. I mean for such a young age to act out such a complex chartacter i’m sure it’s not easy at all. Impressive.

orphanpostermor about Esther. . .

Isabelle Fuhrman

is an American child actress. Fuhrman starred as Esther in the 2009 film Orphan alongside Peter Sarsgaard and Vera Farmiga. Her other film credits include “Grasshopper” in the 2007 film Hounddog, the role of Gretchen Dennis (aka Girl Ghost) opposite Jennifer Love Hewitt on the hit TV show Ghost Whisperer, Grace O’Neil in the pilot episode of the 2006 television series Justice, and a number of national commercials like Pizza Hut and K-Mart. Fuhrman also appeared in comedy skits on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and she is known to have provided character voices for a number of TV programs and films.

Fuhrman was born in Washington, D.C.; her mother, Elina Fuhrman, is a journalist, and her father, Nick Fuhrman, was at one time the chairman of the Republican Partyin Dane County, Wisconsin. — Wikipedia

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