Sunrise ~LOVE is ALL~

Sunset ~LOVE is ALL~

ayu new single.

Son Dambi | 손담비

Saturday Night

check out this retro song which just release early this year.
The dance remind me of Wonder Girl’s Nobody.

Few more months to go. Hang on there!!! What next after ORD???
I’m planning for a Tokyo Trip after ORD so would love to receive some input if you have any.
Hotel wise, choosing between Metropolitan and Keio Plaza any comment???

Is my first time and i’m so looking forward to it cause tokyo has always be my #1 country which I want to visit.  Sadly, i’m not able to get any Ayumi concert ticket cause is always sold out and so far there’s no reseller in other country. I even went to ask Sistic (lolx) and not only it’s hard to get, it cost alot too… range from S$800 onwards.

If only she held her concert in SG! I will throw in all my $ and buy the ticket. hahaha… okie sound abit scary, well i’m just a little fan of her =)

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