Oh man, my bro yesterday received his new iPhone 3GS and i’m happily playing it all day long. Is very interactive I must say, plus there are tons of games/application for you to download but to enjoy the game in full ver. you have to PAY. not very expensive but still range between S$1 – S$10.

Anyone have any iPhone application related site can introduce? erm.. like… free games? in full ver. (evil laugh)

Ok i’m so addicted with it and I can’t wait to grab one but it’s quite expensive. How much different will it make in term of space with 16GB & 32GB? Is 16GB enough? and is there any news saying that next VERSION of 3GS is coming????

Some good news, finally secured some assignment for modeling and acting. So you guys might see me back on track where I used to enjoy so much and of coz after almost 2yrs of NS i’ve grown up alot more. Is quite a interesting path to go and no one say is easy so why do I still going for it? I guess alot of ppls must be asking this Qs and even my mom is asking me… cause to her a (8 to 5) job is good enough. well, I guess is the Passion especially in acting, I dun think my acting skill is that fantastic but still i’m giving my best when opportunity comes.

Modeling on the other hand is easy money, You walk down the runway, you pose and just be pretty/handsome but again is not that simple. The assignment which I secured was like a hell task, standing with all the Caucasian make me feel so small in other word “short”. Thou, i’m like 182cm but those guys out there are easily 187cm! So I must be pretty Lucky to be chosen isn’t it?

Will post some pic if I manage to..

photoTaken from iPhone 3GS, well the camera is so so according to this pic.

photoeAfter some touch up with photoshop. look better?


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