It was a great experience to have my fingers pampered. All thanks to this Jewellery Shoot.

It’s weird to sit on the sofa with lady polishing my nails and I’ll never forget what she said.. “Relax your fingers you are very tense, is this your First Time?” I burst out laughing and nod my head. Oh well, indeed it feels good to see my nails shine for the first time and it was super clean with all the little dead skin removed. Price wise… it was SGD25 per session (I think only for manicure, pedicure not sure) and it was paid by the client =)

So in short, this was a wedding band shoot. Took almost 2hrs to finish it. and it’s not easy haha. hope it turn out good. =/

P1080962This image wasn’t that clear anyway it’s after the manicure.
P1080965What a nice landscape with lalang & clear blue sky infront.
This location is infront of Changi Airport Runway. Not easy to find.
P1080964Client browsing through the wardrobe.
P1080970I like this pic, especially with the Sun glare.
P1080971This is Kat, my partner in the shoot.


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