a little here and there.

Monday Oct 19, another start of the week… past few days had been a mixture of happy, excited, satisfied and sad. Grateful to all the things that fall in place for me and with support from friends I got the extra motivation to do my best.

Attended a wake recently, one of my operator’s mother passed away. Thou this not the first time i attended a wake but maybe i’m older now that’s why there’s more impact on me. Life can be so short and full of surprises. I can’t help it but to think one day my loves one will go (esp my parent) so how will I cope with it? Am I doing my best now to bring joy and peace to their life while they still around? Is funny that I only type all this in my blog & diary but never have I tell them face to face that I care & love them so much. Maybe is the practice since young… my family don’t express much (typical S’porean style?) unlike the western they kiss & hug to express their love to the family members.

Well, all I want to say is I love you guys so much. I may not be the best son in the world but both of you are the best parent in my life!


Thanks to Qian Ni for taking this pic during CLEO Rocks @ Zirca (yah, this was a girlfriend t-shirt outfit by Dusty) . It was a very good experience modelling with all these professional models who come all over the world. Some of them shared their experience being in runway for brand like LV & Prada. which I’ll never reach there haha… but it feels great to work with these model. I get to learnt from them as well..

Didn’t take much pics as we were all busy but managed to squeeze 2 pics in haha.

That’s all folks!

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