Yup I appreciate what comes my way and reality is always ugly. U don’t always get everything you want… but life is a game, u have to work hard for what you want even if you don’t get the result be grateful that U at least have chance to try 🙂

In about 2 more weeks I will be officially ORD! well, the excitement is getting dimmer cause now that i’m clearing Lve / Off it already feel like i’m ORD-ed and honestly my vision is still blur cause I have not settle down yet, thou i’m doing good at the moment but I believe it can be better.

Watched many movies this month, some were bad and some were terrible (why do I even choose it?) but some were EXCELLENT! I narrow down to 3 of them! and they are………………….

#1 – My Sister’s Keeper

#2 – Julie & Julia


#3 – 500 days of Summer


I tear when I watched My Sister’s Keeper and in my memory, the last time I tear so badly is with Titanic (that’s a classic film isn’t it) therefore I’m very happy after the show cause another good film touched me! It was so good that I’m gonna buy the DVD just like what I did after watching Titanic and FYI last time the technology only have LD (laser disc) and it was quite expensive I spend abt $80 on it.

One of the reason I like J&J is because of Meryl Streep and it all started from Devil wears Prada and follow by Mamma Mia! then Doubt and now Julie & Julia =) She’s good and this film was quite different… it makes me wanna COOK as well lol =)

500 days is simply the Sweet Romantic Story but I think mainly is the Casting, especially the male & female lead and I like the way they edit the film. Instead of going day by day they bring you to back and throw u back to the beginning and U jus want to continue to find out more. It’s quite interesting I must say.

Check out the trailer of My Sister’s Keeper.


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