what a Experience!

I don’t consider myself lucky for the fact that I actually have 4x wisdom tooth but again having wisdom tooth is pretty common. I guess it will be good for me to drop down my experience before I forget everything. Anyway i extracted my 4x wisdom tooth yesterday morning. My tooth does not hurt but according to the dentist one of them already start to decay. So since i’m still covered under NS I might as well get it all out. Getting all 4 out wasn’t a hard decision but choosing between local and general anesthetic was a tough one. ok i’m not that brave afterall haha I choose GA.

I still remember how it feel like when I step into the Surgery room, it was cold and the moment I lay down on the surgery bed, I can feel myself shivering and the nurse placed a blanket over me. haa… it was quite exciting till the part where they have to poke the needle into my hand and damn it they missed it quite a few time and i just have to bear with the pain lol.

After the needles was successfully done the anesthetist came over and ask me some Qs.  I think that was the cut off point, where I just went into a deep sleep. It took me about 1h30mins to wake up. It wasn’t that bad but my gauze pad was full of blood and I have to keep changing for like every 5-8mins… too bad i dun have a camera with me. that so classic! jus like “puke blood!” lolx

So today is the second day and i’m feeling much better, able to eat more food BUT still I can’t eat my favorite chips & fried stuff. Also friends bought me a really delicious Cocao Spread from Italy. It’s dark chocolate and it smell so good but too bad it’s too sticky, not recommended to eat now or else will have hard time cleaning it.

Now what i’m concern is how to have a speedy recovery?!?!?! arrgg… my right side of the tongue is still numb thou my lower lips and chin are fully recovered. sigh…


P1090365the amount of medicines i have to take!

Last week went to watched Michael Jackson – THIS IS IT the movie. Well I don’t consider myself a Jackson’s fan but he is popular. Even my parent know about him. Basically this movie is more of a documentary on his preparation and rehearsal for his coming concert but sadly we couldn’t see it happen but I believe that concert is going to be a good one cause I can so picture it how high everyone going to be when he sing all the fans favorite songs and with all the visual, sound, lighting effect come into place! When i’m watching in the theater, it was almost full house and everyone is humming and even sing along with him. That feeling is quite nice =)

This Is It (new single) by MJ

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