unknown feeling

3 MORE DAYS TO ORD! Ok rightfully I’m supposed to be very happy but with this Wisdom tooth coming along and make my everyday so painful. How can I be happy? Went back to see the dentist and was given more antibiotics #%@#%$^!

Last friday was shooting for new drama and it turn out to be the most painful experience cause I forgot to bring my pain killer and I was in so much pain. I’m sure that scene will turn out quite funny and terrible. Still grateful to director and all crews for being so understanding with me. Now really hope I will recover on time by next thursday for the next shoot. Come to think of it again, this shoot make me learnt a lot especially from the 2 actors.

It seem so long since I last acted in front of the camera. Hmmm… how was it like last time???

Finally bought myself a iPhone and I bought it together with my best friend. Been playing with my phone for days and I never seem to get bored with it but the battery does drained really fast.



2 thoughts on “unknown feeling

  1. Welcome to the world of the iPhone Rommy! Well unlike you, I’m pretty bored with my iPhone, I don’t really play mobile games much and mostly prefer to work on my desktop.

    And my oh mine you are going back on screen! Can’t wait for it to be telecast! Do keep us update via twitter!

    Start twittering stop slacking!


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