another 41st evening

a Great evening with the guys! although this ORD excitement had been over for months but we are still talking about it… another popular phrase or question is: “How’s LIFE?” hahaha.. It was great to see everyone (well not full attendance) doing well.. Study… Work… Slack… at least everyone is healthy and happy=)

I feel OLD once again with them! come on, majority of them are like 20 (1989 batch) that’s the age of my younger brother! Guess our differences is the “stages of Life” we are pursuing.

How will it be like if I’m going to further my study? to become a student once again? Will I achieve what I want? does it even make sense to be Practical? Perhaps my mind is set long ago 🙂

Take Care SR/MD/MATT. Wish you guys the best in your future endeavors, esp MD who is not returning anymore! What a lucky ba**ard! hahaha.


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