buzzy month!

Been a busy month since I last updated! Recently just ended the 987FM 21 Hot Guys competition. It was a AWESOME night with all my dearest friends come down to support and most importantly was to received positive feedback from the public. =) Check out some of my constipated look while I was singing First Love by Utada Hikaru! waahaha…

Thank you everyone especially the 987’s team for giving the Mr. Glee title to me! Lastly to all the other 20 HOT GUYS, it was my pleasure to know you guys!

Back to TV after a 1yr10mths national service. Glad and honor to be involved in 五福到 where I get to work and learn from professional actors/actress like 汉玮哥 泰铭哥 妃丽姐! =) Below is the last episode of 五福到 my dad helped me to rec.

My next appearance will be 紅白喜事 but I’ll only appear in Ep15 (already lost track of which episode they are airing now). So if still on time maybe you can catch me on the wedding scene of Jade Seah and Bobby Tonelli where I’ll play the best man of Bob =)

WATCHING IRON MAN2 this Saturday!!!! YEAH!!!! Weekend faster come!


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