Beautiful isn’t it? Haahaa honestly it’s always exciting to see what Apple’s product evolved each time and they never failed to surprise us or maybe just me. It’s quite scary that technology changes so Fast. I just own my 3GS like 7 months back and now the release of 4. If you are thinking I must be regret at this point of time then you are wrong =)

I’m just pleased that 3GS had helped me so much ever since I got it. Maybe I should phase it as Technology is amazing and human who made this happened are simply brilliant. Just can’t imagine what will happen if we live without technology, it must be really peaceful.

arrggg.. enough of tech tech tech… oh btw, IT show is here again =X

Okie, got myself a new blog theme. Personally like it very much, is like the nicer theme I had. Love the 亂七八糟 feels. LOLx

This year is gonna be an important year for me and I’m not too sure just how it will turn out… Will crossing my fingers help or by praying? nahh all I need is to believe in myself (the by right way) but still I can’t help to not thinking or being less pessimistic. Oh god! 🙂

Was browsing YouTube and come across this very nice vocal. I don’t know who she is but her voice just keep stuck in my head 🙂 Check the video out and if you like it, Subscribe it.


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