happily tired!

Installed the new iOS4 into my 3GS today, WOW I was like having so much fun re-organizing my apps and no joke it really shrink down ya pages. Which was great, now that I have only 3 pages instead of the usual 11pages =)

There’re so many new features which will once again makes you feel like you’re holding on to a brand new gadget:) For me the coolest feature will be this Geo-tagging (bottom-right) where i’m able to view all the pics I’ve taken over the countries I visited. =)

A long day @ home, busy tidying up my room and re-arranging our so call little entertainment corner. Now all I need is a good sound system and I’m all set for a movie marathon=)

Working on a new drama but this time round the character is not as heavy as the one in WU FU. Although is still acting but I somehow had more thoughts this time. Definitely my patience level had improved from all the long waiting and to overcome myself from all the tiredness. Come to think of it, it was like running a 2.4km where you are mentally shag out. haha… I guess I better run more!

I Like 楊丞琳 version of 不屑! FYI, this song belong to 黃鴻升 (小鬼).


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