a drawer of thoughts.

Woke up pretty early today, guess I must be really tired that’s why I slept so early the prev night:) This month is so heavy to me… ever had this feeling of wanting something so badly but you just don’t know how to go about it… to achieve it??? That’s what I am going through right now..

Sometime I just feel so tired that things had to turn out so complicated…

I am sure everyone have a drawer/space to kept their stuff, their memories… When is the last time you open it and have a good look again? I just did:) It was like reopening my childhood memory… suddenly everything just seem so nice and beautiful… a smile on my face just naturally appeared while I am flipping through all the stuff which I kept in the drawer:)

Last time back then when I still don’t know  how to use email, I write:) It all started from a gal who actually makes me enjoy writing… Even till now writing is still something which I love to do, to write thoughts of myself or just to write a birthday message to my friends =) It’s such a simple simple thing that all of us do it in our daily routine but yet I enjoy it so much especially with the right pen and writing material the end product can really turn out beautiful… Haha.. maybe I’ve a issue here =X

Have I Told You Lately – Olivia Ong

Some of the gifts I received long long time ago… there’s still many greeting cards back in the drawer covered with dust… isn’t it beautiful just by looking through it…


3 thoughts on “a drawer of thoughts.

  1. wow ur such a sentimental guy…i keep a memory box and it contains all the letters postcards too..i will always read thru everything agn whenever i spring clean my room n take the box out.

  2. quite rare to actually c a guy keeping letters, gifts etc… kinda envy that you’ve so many ‘memories’ in that drawer of yours. bet you r a very 怀旧 person ba? btw the yellow duckie in the glass bottle is damn cute… =3

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