high up above.

Last Saturday was a fruitful evening. A great Play, a decent “late afternoon high tea” and a magical evening view.

It’s been awhile since I last watch a play (the last one was Animal Farm, Ok not that long actually. haa) but this one was awesome!

Boeing Boeing – This play was said to be the longest running comedy in the history of French theatre (over 35 years!), as well as on London’s West End. It also became a successful Hollywood movie starring Tony Curtis and Jerry Lewis.

This play is by far one of my favorite together with Chestnuts, directed by Jonathan Lim.

For more info on Boeing Boeing, Check out their webpage:

So got my feet up to the top of MBS, Thanks to my friend who have free tickets and we even managed to skip the long Q (It was the moment of sunset that’s why the Q was really long..) with the Paiza’s Card.

Check out some of the Pictures I’ve taken. Too bad I don’t have a DSLR with me such a waste! Anw, pics are taken via my iP4:) Ok Lah not so bad after all!


4 thoughts on “high up above.

  1. showed my hk classmates your profile! spreading the words around hk for you! haha.. all the best! go go go! 🙂 hopefully i can catch the contest on xinmsn in hk 🙂 jiayou!

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