My Lucky September

It’s been 12 days since my last entry. Honestly, I have been busy over the tight schedule we are given. I have been lucky recently, to be in Top 20 of Star Search 2010 and passed my driving test for the first time. There are so much I wanna share but every end of the day I’m simply too tired to blog.

Today I drove alone for the first time and the feeling was awesome (Well, maybe some of you had license long ago but pardon me ok, just got it LOR!) although I dare not go too far just in case I’m lost but able to pick my friends up for dinner it was good enough to begin with =)

The past 11 days was moving so fast that it seem like a month but I’m glad that I’m in this phase of life where I get to challenge my limit. Most importantly I make many new friends, not just Singapore but Oversea as well. Especially friends from Taiwan, Shanghai and Beijing because they are my first few friends I got to know from these countries. Not forgetting my friends from Ma Lai Xi Ya (Mysia)!

After tomorrow we’ll be even busier. Although I hope to see improvement in myself but most importantly I need to watch out for my health as well. Been too tire to recover from my flu.

Oh, I finally finally got myself a DSLR! Canon EOS 550D! Finally I can exceed more than what a Digi Cam can do!!!

Take care everyone!


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