A Good Start…2011

New Year, New beginning 🙂 It was great to spent my New year with so many people! A new start in my career with new environment & friends.  Did I forget to say the Vivo Countdown was an awesome experience???

Other than the Countdown experience with Channel 8, the other thing I should get happy with is my first drama ‘C.L.I.F. 警徽天职’ ever since the competition over. Also get to experience the first time attending Lensing Ceremony =) What an Eye Opening event!

I’m the most newbie among all!

Thx Hui Ling for capturing this 🙂

With Andie, So Heartlander lor… (Jus that we are GOOD guy now LOL)

During our XINMSN interview =)

Although is a good start but it also set as a reminder that from now on, I’m on my own… no longer having their company during work.  Sure miss all my SS friends!  esp. C.O.T.

Ohhhh… this cute little thing came into my life and brighten up my every single day! Although is only looking after for a week but I’m happy enough to have him in my house/room! Cause ever since young, My all time fav. pet is Dog, but it sure takes a whole lot of commitment to own one and I just not sure if I have the time now plus my parents is not so willing to keep one @ home… Hmmm.. Hope Brownie (Yes, that’s his name!) will change their mind!

On a side note, I have never mop so many times (@home) in my life before ever since Brownie arrived! haahaa. He really love to choose different spot to do his business everyday! Sometimes, I just have to monitor his movement. If he disappeared for quite some time means he either done with his business or found something nice to chew and is trying to avoid me! Cute huh 🙂

Brownie will be leaving tomorrow. I will sure miss him alot! Luckily my friend and I stay not far apart so I still can see him when I drop by my friend’s hse but it sure makes a different to wake up and not see him wagging his tail at me every morning =)

Wish you good health, Brownie =)


2 thoughts on “A Good Start…2011

  1. Stumbling across your blog and reading a couple of your entries I’m really impressed at how far you’ve come. From ITE to Poly and to where you are now and even as your life’s taking off now I still get the impression you’re pretty down to earth still and none the pretentious.

    I was born in the same year as you and my path to education/life has been pretty rough since my O/A levels and NS and I felt real down many many times. Its great to know that you didn’t give up and its indeed quite inspirational to know others out there have been through tough times and did not give up.

    In short, Thank You for the Inspiration! 🙂

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