Action Pack!

Today had my first action scene. Although the action is not intense but these few simple move that appear on screen is actually not easy when delivering it. Precise is like the key word when comes to action scene! Move at the right time without blocking ur fellow actors, hit at the right spot where camera can see, give the right energy after countless of NGs and lastly the expression on ur FACE? Is it too much too fake too little or worst too “Gan Chiong” and speed up all the Steps just to finish it???

I wouldn’t say I love action scene but I’m definitely craving for more such opportunities even thou I’m not good at It… in fact I sux at it hahaha… But I definitely want to overcome this barrier! And make it precise and flawless!

It might take years to get it… but again it does not matter how slow you go so long as you do not stop right?

Taken today with Tracy’s Cam:) While the crew setup for the fire scene we sit down and camwhore! 

4 thoughts on “Action Pack!

  1. yes as so long you dont stop we audition will see the effort you put in … keep going… cos im sure one day you will have the chance for best actor. jiayou ! a long long way for you to go romeo ((:

    i always love how you guys coordinate during action scene maybe i should witness the filming and understand how you guys carried out ..

    jiayou no matter what (:

  2. i like to watch action scenes ^^ i admire their moves. like how they hit n reacted so nicely. and is it real or fake punch, isnt it pain? haha. look forward to see ur xin ku de action scene! wish u luck in getting hang of it one day, with just one perfect take :))

    hope u will hv more chances as u wished! maybe in future u will become e nxt jackie chan or ip mun or bruce lee or jet li ! hehe.

  3. Yeah Romeo it does not matter how slow u go as long that u don’t stop, keep it up Romeo overcome this super huge barrier and there u go

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