It’s a Wrap!

Finally a day to myself:) Wrapped my part for C.L.I.F on the 29th Mar, this 3 and a half months was indeed a memorable one… Plus the fact that this is my first drama and I’m playing a Policeman:)

In the beginning when I first started filming C.L.I.F, I wasn’t sure what to expect and how should I go about it playing the role of Sgt Koh Wen Xiong. Not forgetting acting along side with Elvin Tracy Andie Joey Julian etc. GOSH, I’m like the newest among all! Without the company of SS friends I do feel lonely and worried (that’s life huh?). Thankfully, the Casts and Crew were really nice enough in taking care of me and by the 3rd day I’m already feeling pretty comfortable with them =D

Big part of the chill came from the casts, YES my fellow colleagues turned Good Friends! You guys really did a Good Job in showering TLC on me haahaa… We went Crazy every time we get together!

Everything happened so fast that I do feel sad that the production had come to an end. This feeling is exactly the same when we graduated from school… Everyone moved on with their life. Now is time for me to clear my mind and move on as well. Nevertheless, I miss every single one that I worked with and not forgetting our SPF personnel who had follow us everywhere we go during the filming process! Thank you Mr. Policeman =)

SO the best way for me to loosen up is to throw myself into the theme park! Who don’t love Theme Park right? The ridiculous thing is that I went consecutive 2 days! First day with my Secondary kakis and the next day with C.L.I.F Team! Am I entitle to some Guinness World Records? lol.

30th MAR – Day 1 (Sec. edition)

I realised I turned pretty childish when I’m in Theme Park… Evidence below!

Nice Weather!

LOOK what I found!!! – “ROMEO DR”

Let me present you… the Family of SHREK!

31st MAR – Day 2 (C.L.I.F. edition)

We go Crazy with the hats as well.

My favourite!

Haha I love this shot!

the Jetstar jump!

Joey is LOST!

I brought them to the same restaurant LOLx

HEY YOU! Stop right there!
(Remember to catch C.L.I.F on Ch8, May 31.)

Here they are! The VIP behind this C.L.I.F production!


We are SHREK fans!


Thank you for scrolling down such a long blog entry… Have a great WEEKEND and Happy April Fool day!


2 thoughts on “It’s a Wrap!

  1. HEy ROmeo, you are so lucky to go USS TWICE, i havent go once yet, HEy why dont we have our gathering in Malaysia?????

  2. Haha! It’s not long enough! Must put more pics!!! Btw, happy early B’dae sunshine boy! How come I go USS I nvr see Romeo dr n the Actor n Actress shop ah? Hmmm… Is it all the way into USS? Guess I’ll have to walk longer… Haha!

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