a joyful APRIL.

I’m officially 26 y/o! There are so many people I wish to thank for making the effort to create such memorable birthday & surprises for me…

My dearest supporters who have accompany me since Star Search and now they are the key person behind this fan club – “The Juliet Club” =)

Thank you all for never fail to surprise me everytime 🙂  Happy to know all of you.

Another wonderful surprise from my SS peers!

Not forgetting my manager =) Thank you.

This year I cut a total of 5 cakes! haha.

Lastly, Thank you XINMSN for giving me a heart attack on my birthday! I CAN’T wait to see that video!

Yesterday got to know this really cool iPhone app called iDarkroom (US$0.99). Below are just some of the effect you can achieve 🙂 Worth a buy. The other app which allow you to insert caption is Labelbox (Free), go get it before they start charging.


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