A spontaneous getaway! It was random, a call from my friend and just within hours we are all ready to set off! It was a fun experience driving to KL and we have to take turns to drive (you know just in case…) haha.

Can’t recall when is the last time I visited Malacca but it sure don’t seem any familiar to me… Thank you Malacca for the great Chendol! =)

Our first stop @ Malacca. Just to fill our stomach before we continue our journey…

Chicken Rice Balls. This is my first time tasting it and yes it was unique. =)

Thank god we are a step earlier if not we will be stuck in this Queue for our lunch!

The Chendol was really good!

the MAMA shop.

Looks interesting, too bad it was closed.

Here we are after a good 6-7hrs ride. =)

@bukit bintang. This place is happening!

There’s tons of good food @ the basement of Lot10.

Something that I’ll never miss when I’m having breakfast in hotel. =)

The man that can’t be move.

Some legal riot going on…


13 thoughts on “getaway.

  1. wow you took really nice photos…managed to capture the essence of KL… you gotta check out Batu Caves the next time you go there…i’m sure you will love it 🙂

  2. Thanks a lot… How about the last 4th pic ? is it the same shirt or is it bought from uniqlo as well? =) Sorry cos i love check shirts alot.. haha

  3. hi really like your blog 🙂 am a fan of yours, know your younger brother hahaand same school as him*sounds absurd* haha view my blog if you can 🙂 but not nicer than yours 🙂 and can leave a comment so i know you have view it 🙂 thanks! OR

  4. “Acting is not being emotional, but being able to express emotion.” -Kate Reid.
    After watching all the dramas you acted,you are always improving. and you did it! (:

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