Police week!

Had my first drama press conference. It was pretty fun actually, if you have seen our Interview with XINMSN you can see that we are having lots of fun! This couple of weeks have been busy over C.L.I.F. promo and also 万富楼 drama plus a few events lining up =) It is definitely happy to see my schedule being packed.

Attended the Sneak Preview of C.L.I.F. first episode and met many bloggers and fans! Guess it’s a joyful night for many of us! Thank you TJC for coming down =)

Photos courtesy of Nicholas & Vincent:)

What a memorable scene! Saw this clip playing on TV quite a few times… and my friends will be like texting me “Oh.. you die again?” Haha… yes yes yes my role died!

Credit to Andie.

Lastly, see you at the C.L.I.F. Roadshow this Saturday 28 May!
Catch C.L.I.F. starting from 31May Ch8, 9pm. For all my overseas friends (you know who you are) you can catch it at XINMSN Catch-up TV.


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