a smiley sunday

Completed this video within 6hrs time!

It has been awhile since I have this urge of making video. So since I’m done with C.L.I.F. and Bountiful Blessings is slowly picking up, I decided to make use of my free time and have a date with BROWNIE!

Last Sunday, together with Brownie, Shalene, Philip and my DSLR. We headed to nearby park and took tons of pictures & videos =) It may seem fun and easy snapping and playing with brownie but the truth is… it was quite a painful one.

Firstly, he is very camera shy and secondly he is very hyper-active! Is hard to do focusing when he is moving so much… So in order to trick him to look towards the camera we have to use bright objects or sometimes his treats to get his attention!

After a day of shoot. He look drained… we were drained as well!

An unglam side of him…

This is how he looks when he is doing his business!


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