unspoken moments

Recently added one more member to our family and I have just promoted to be an uncle (official one)! Let’s welcome my little nephew Skyler Tan *clap clap*=)

Is definitely a good news for all of us especially my elder bro who is now a father and of coz my dearest parents who get to be Ah Gong Ah Ma now!  It must be hard for my Sis-in-law to go through this stage but I’m sure it’s worth it afterall to be able to feel Skyler in her arms right now. I’m grateful for everything that has given to my family 🙂


 happiness is priceless!

Look what Skyler received from his Ah Gong & Ah Ma?

The tear of joy for getting an AngPao?

Oh… he shit his pant (I mean pampers)!

I promise to be a good uncle to my nephew and good father to brownie! hahaha… Ok enough of family matters :X

Today I had the best filming experience ever,  other than doing my job I get to have free lesson on photography as well and the best of all is I tried out a few awesome cameras/lens!  Will keep you all posted on when this video will release. Once again thank you XINMSN 🙂

Check out the shot which I captured after a day of fun…

I prefer this in color!

Thanks for scrolling 🙂


10 thoughts on “unspoken moments

  1. Congrats on being an uncle… is a happy thing to share… =)
    Btw, are your brother and his family staying with you all… if yes, then you muz be prepared with baby’s cryings in the middle of the night. Heez…

  2. nice photographs there! GOODLUCK BEING AN UNCLE 🙂 加油! and, you really do look like your brother 🙂 hahah!

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