Although is not an off day to me but I’m more than happy to have a whole afternoon to myself before I head back to studio. For the past 6days I had a taste of how is it like to be in studio filming. I have to admit that initially I feels really tired as I’m not use to it at all. Everything in studio is like double the pace therefore in a day we can cover many scenes since the transport time and setting up of equipments (Camera, lighs, sound etc.) is saved. The only thing that is good is the super cold air-con but to stay 10-12hrs inside the studio I doubt I will enjoy it…

Coming to a week and my body is still adjusting to such hectic schedule… I will only say I’m getting to know how to play the game =) It definitely help since my role is not that heavy, that gives me additional time to observe and catch my breath in between! Another week to go and I will be done for all the restaurant/kitchen scenes! 加油阿邦!

Share some cute pictures of my nephew, Skyler 😉


Thank you to all who had followed me in my Twitter, Weibo and Facebook. I have been receiving many good feedback on my role as XU WENXIONG and also the trending hashtags of #RIPSgtKoh and #Wenxiong. You all make it happened! WOW! I feel proud for Wenxiong haa.

Check this out! I find it pretty entertaining =) Thanks to Fan Fan Fanny.

Episode 1

Episode 2


4 thoughts on “overcoming…

  1. Hi Romeo, Skyler is really cuteeeeee! 😀 Congrats to your family on this new member, it’s gonna be a really great experience being right next to him watching him grow bit by bit, cherish every moment! 🙂

    And in terms of acting, persevere on yeah! 😀 You are doing a great job thus far, definitely still lots of room for improvement but pretty good for a newcomer already… I look forward to better performance from you! 🙂

  2. Hello Romeo,Skyler so cutee,Just hope that you can reply my tweets! erm,yeahhh. You reply others but not mine 😦

  3. Hi Romeo! I tink u r the only celeb tat replies to ur fans questions! So kind! I hope u can ans tis question: where did u buy ur bag? The one with the black shoulder pad?

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