a 5D4N road trip

Another road trip to Malaysia but this time round was somewhere away from the city… Set off at 2.45am on Saturday morning as the journey is a pretty long one, a total of 570+km! It was indeed fun and exciting especially this my first time driving up the mountain which took us nearly 2hours to get up with a distance of 71km! There are actually many interesting sights to see while on the way up. Check out the pictures below…

Cameron Highlands is famous for their Boh Tea Plantation & Strawberry Farm.

The stray dogs there are pretty good looking…

She’s so cute!

It seems hot but is actually pretty cooling up there.

It’s alive.

Cameron Highlands Resort

Don’t you just love the ambiance?

I basically just lazed my day away with such a ROOM!

I luv this cozy corner!

I can be quite picky when come to the hotel’s toilet…

With this standard is definitely a PASS to me =) haha

The awesome antique mercedes taxi.

This is way better than our Cup Corns!

Satay along the roadside was simply delicious!

This trip is not just about the high mountains and the beautiful hotel… On the way back to SG I make a quick stop at Johor, Muar to look for Andie, Elvin and Chris but sadly Chris is away in KL when I arrived. Nevertheless, the trip is still pretty fun filling plus I have never been to Muar before so that makes it even more interesting. I was surprised that Singapore artists are pretty well known there. They even recognized me even thou I’m still a newbie in this showbiz and YES they are very nice to us =) There’s a group of gals who actually followed me down the street just to take a picture with me:)

It was really nice to see the brothers of C.L.I.F. again after so long! See you all again when you all return back to SG 🙂

Went over to see how’s filming like over there 🙂

the Muar Town ah-beng!

Seriously, I can’t find any moment that can be nicer than this! 是臭的咯!!!

They are immune to the “smell”!  -.-|||

The kiasu side of us, initially we just want to grab a cup of coffee then head for lunch but end up we are bloated by the coffee we had and there goes our lunch…. We tried 3 types of coffee: Kopi-Si peng/Sai Kee Special/Kopi Musang

 Andie has already returned to SG on my 2nd day of visit…(放我飞机。。。) thx elvin for the company!



10 thoughts on “a 5D4N road trip

  1. thanks for the road trip pics and showing the humor side of you and the light-hearted sides of the guys… i was actually sniggering to the pic of both of them slurping nice durians with the blurred thrash truck as the background… that is really precious moments… great shot!
    LC LEK

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