Go Fly Kite

To many people this movie might be in their top favourite movie of all times. This movie was made in 2007 quite sometime back and I’ve heard so much reviews about how good it is but just didn’t have the chance to finish watching it. 2 years ago at my friend’s house party I was introduced to this  movie but that night I was kind of tired and eventually fall asleep at the 2nd half of the movie =X So I missed it…

Recently just thought of watching some good film and I thought of  The Kite Runner. After watching it I felt so annoyed by myself for missing such a good movie. It took me 4 long years to watch it. Well, on a positive note is better to be late than never right?

Now I’m eagerly searching for The Kite Runner book. Heard it was even better than the movie. Although I’m not really a book person but will still give it a try 😉

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