Courage to Move On

The more the Merrier” – is that true?

To think again sometimes is not about the quantity but how much you adsorbed and improved in every single opportunity that was given to you. You may have the luck right now but how much can you make the best out of it before the “luck” runs out?

I may not be the best in my profession but one thing I can’t deny is I am lucky to come so far, although at this current junction it may not be anything significant but to me it is already a small achievement from where I used to be… The decision I made, the faith people have in me, the comments I’ve been receiving, the support from known and the unknown, all this has indirectly contributed to where I’m heading…

I recently tweet about learning to take everything with a pinch of salt. I guess I have yet to be hit hard enough to see things with a pinch of salt… but when the time comes I do hope I can overcome all obstacles…

Learn to have the courage to ignore and move on.

I feel honoured to be part of this meaningful campaign and most of all able to be the Crime Prevention Ambassador 🙂

With MP Ms Denise Phua

I was once from NPCC 😉

Thank You TJC for standing under the hot sun. Appreciate all your support!


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