circle of life

Credit to Alex Chua

I’ve come a full circle since I joined SS’10 and now embarked on this journey of showbiz. The above picture was taken somewhere at the beginning of the competition in September’10. There are so much sweet memories and moments every time I think back. Just a few days ago I also meetup with some of them and had a little catchup, is great to know that everyone is doing well 🙂

Many people has been asking me how’s life right now as compared to the SS’ days…  There are difference for sure but it’s definitely a good change for all of us. After all we all have to be independent to walk this journey.

Here’s 2 exclusive funny & unglam shots we did in Pulau Ubin (SS Bootcamp)
If it doesn’t MOVE! Click on the pic to watch us in ACTION!

If it doesn’t MOVE! Click on the pic to watch us in ACTION!

Currently having a good break ever since I’m done with Bountiful Blessings which is now showing on Ch8 weekday 9pm. Will be back in production in October for Unriddle 2. Looking forward to this show as the role I’m getting is pretty challenging, something which I had never tried or experienced before . So stay tuned!

And before I throw myself into the drama, I’m going to first throw myself into the SEA! Yea, next week will be doing my open water scuba diving training! Will try to snap as many awesome pictures as possible and also share my diving experience with you guys.

That’s all for now! Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂


2 thoughts on “circle of life

  1. The shots are indeed fun and full of memories! (: I guess you are smiling when watching it in action! 😀 You have come a long way to this career! way to go romeo! Goodluck and enjoy your scuba diving training! Remember to take care too (:

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