Skin Care for men

Hi everyone, hope you’re enjoying ur weekend so far. Alright today just thought of doing a short post about Skin Care for men but of cos not coming from me but this person who I subscribed to his channel. The main reason for recommending is because I personally benefit a lot from him.

So to all my male readers out there, Skin Care & basic Makeup is no longer a girl things and it is important to know what you are applying on ur face or worst you don’t even bother to apply.

Honestly, before I joined the showbiz I have zero knowledge about skin care & makeup. Not that I’m professional now as I’m still learning everyday but at least I’m more sensitive when comes to purchasing of facial products and better understanding of my own skin. There are tons of free lesson out there in the internet and with youtube around these days you can easily find vlogs (video blog) tutorial on basically anything.

Do spend some time and browse through his channel and view any clips that interest you 🙂 Although Ross (his name) is not asian and their skin can be different from us in some ways but the facts and knowledge about skin care still apply to human! The only cons is majority of the products he recommended could not be found in SG but no harm watching and benefit from it. Is Free anyway 😉

So here you go! See you all later @ Cineleisure, Shokubutsu event =)


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