Night Exposure

No. 1

It has been sometime since I last touched my DSLR. So I made a decision just yesterday morning to have a date with my camera:) I actually have not tried doing night photography before so this is my first attempt. There are so many places in mind which I wanted to go… like Clarke Quay, Henderson Waves Bridge, Downtown etc… Thanks to all the suggestions from my Twitter followers 🙂 In the end I picked MBS area and drove my way to Singapore Flyer which is my first stop.

I would say night photography is not easy, I spend almost 30-45 mins at each stop… Sometimes you just have to be patience and wait for the right moment… it makes a different when there’s people in the photo and without:) I like doing photography but I’m just not too sure if I like night photography cause it can be quite time-consuming. Started my shoot at 8pm and ended it at around 11.45pm! Overall it is a new experience =)

So here’s my work. Is nothing as compared to those professional as I’m only using the starter kit lens (so embarrassing) so just want to share it with you guys =) I did a little ranking on these pictures, with most satisfied pictures on the top and least satisfied at the bottom :p










Feel free to share your comment (good or bad) on what you think of these photos. Lastly, enjoy your FRIDAY and do catch Dawn Yeoh and myself tomorrow at Shokubutsu iLove Natural Beauty Audition @ iluma 3-7PM.

See you people:)


12 thoughts on “Night Exposure

  1. Nicee. The 6th one isn’t that bad (starting counting all the way from the top), and the last 2nd one will be better if more people walked past.

    P.S.: Numbering the photos would be helpful. XP

  2. Nice photos taken. I esp like the 1st, 3rd and 5th.

    Enjoy yourself at the event tomorrow. Won’t be able to make it but got something for you together with 2 others. Someone will pass it to you. 🙂

    See you soon!

  3. Nice photos taken using yr DSLR Skills :D.Hehe,something suprised to give u tomrrow from me on behalf on sandy ,yuki and me :).Hope tat u like it and remember to put it in the fridge ^^

    See you tomorrow!!

  4. I will choose No.2 to be No.1 cos it just looks beautiful and it captured everything in one picture! You shd add ur own romeotan watermark! 🙂

  5. I won’t be choosing no 1 as my favorite, but it somehow bring out the dull side of mbs which kinda amazing for such a beautiful sight. and not just that having light reflection too.
    my favorite will be your no 2 and no4 .. though i love the angle shot of no 5..

    nice photography skills , keep up with night photography !!!

    and and and share some tips with me lei ..

    good night (=
    cya soon !

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