Read at your own risk!

I have always wonder how is it like to walk on a street filled with infected zombies… you know just like the Resident Evil movie!

This year I’m glad to have a group of enthusiastic friends who willing to go crazy with me. Within a week we visited The Museum of Horrors @SCAPE and Halloween Horror Night @Universal Studios Singapore!  Both are equally fun but the scare factor @USS was much better. The one @Scape allows you to POSE and take picture with the characters/mannequins and even be in the scene like what I did with my fav. horror movie SAW!

Other than posing with the mannequins you also can get up close with “the ghost”!

Basically the props are there for you to play…

So Museum of Horrors is more like an exhibition of various horror themes and since we (actually is just me) can’t get enough of it… we headed for Halloween Horror Night!!!  Scroll down to see how USS has transformed. The ambience was simply surreal!

Look how real this is…

A big part of the excitement actually comes from the “Undead” that were spotted along the New York Street where it is now transformed into a  postapocalyptic street!

Adeline joined in the fun!

the usual suspects!

Mess with her and you might end up like this!

I’m just slightly better than her.

One of my favourite attraction was the Peranakan haunted house made specially for this occasion. We get to tour the haunted house by foot… it was dark, misty and the path was narrow. Is almost like any second you will receive a warm welcome from the dead and Yes it was the most scary attraction that night. I remembered I screamed for a good 3 times! Thanks to all my dearest friends who pushed me to lead the walk!

Remember not to miss the Halloween USS next year if there’s any. Trust me you will not regret! =)


2 thoughts on “Read at your own risk!

  1. Hi Romeo Tan!!.All e photos u took both the Museum of Horrors @SCAPE and Halloween Horror Night @Universal Studios Singapore are very nice :D.Just tat i didn’t go to the Scape but nxt year,i won’t miss any single each of them le :).The haunted house at the USS were indeed dark inside and scary inside where i hold on to my friend’s bag, when they run,i run 2 ^^Actually frankly speaking tat when i knw that u are there, every minute i was there, i m looking around for u without fail although we tot that u saw the gate u posted 2 hours b4, u might already went off le but due to the heavy rain tat i met u at the entrance b4 we were about to go when my told me tat “agnes, yr “R” is there taking a picture of the crown” so i called u but u couldn’t hear me, maybe due to the noice there which u couldn’t hear therefore i went over to tap on yr shoulder with apologies if i disturb yr photograpghy taking alright:(

    There is alot of upcoming events on nov which u will be super busy le T-T Jiayou Jiayou k ^^

  2. Hi Romeo, thanks for sharing your photos and thank you for your support on Museum of Horrors @ Scape, i am the “Red Ghost” which you had took picture with me. Hopefully next year Scape will have another event on Halloween again, and maybe we will have some major change on my Hell site and you guys can have more fun with it!

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