Last day of 2011. It always seem heavy at this day of the year because I tend to remember sadness more than happiness. This year is slightly better as things around me has been pretty positive. I’m glad and thank god for guiding me through this new path. Next year onwards got to be more independent and more decisive in life. Is not wrong to be a follower as too many leaders can lead you to confusion but once in a while it is important to take the lead for your own sake. We are not living for other people but ourselves.

The most happy thing that had happened this year is the born of my little nephew. Because of his existence I see the joys on my parents face. I feel happy every morning I woke up to see my mom laughing happily and playing with Skyler. There can be so much frustration in life that causes us to lose ourselves but it is important for me to know what are the little things that I treasure and cherish that can make me happy.





2 thoughts on “31.12.2011

  1. Recently, there are really many many up and down in my life..
    I finally realize that for the past 26 years, I have been living for other people and NOT living for myself… for this, it really makes me feel very up sad.. and i found my life was getting meaningless…

    But, do really thanks god that recently your unique name catches my attention and makes me wanted to find out more about Romeo Tan… For this, I started searching for your info, and I found your blog…

    And because of your blog, I even started to write my own blog too… “A place to share my feelings & my life”… As I don’t know how to express my feelings out nor sharing my feelings to my friends due to i have not much friend.. all things I do always kept inside my heart…

    I do not know am i too late to read at this post or even all your other posts..

    but Romeo, I still really want to thank you for sharing all your feelings and your encouragement words in your blog…

    You makes me LIVE AGAIN…

    “Be more independent and more decisive in life” & “it is important to take the lead for your own sake” … “We are not living for other people but ourselves”..

    these words are what I need now…

    Thank you..

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