4 thoughts on “爱你的朋友

  1. Hi Romeo

    Im dont watch much tv but Joy of Life was really good. and so i got to know you! i didnt plan to watch the new drama (current), but a friend said its good and so i gave it a shot, and there you are. my mummy couldnt recognize you in this new drama cos’ she said you seemed scrawny in Joy of Life. shw figured out it’s the clothes. heehee.

    Anyhow… a google search revealed that we are the same age! well, this feels strange as the tv celebrities are often older than i am. i guess i got to admit im really not a kid anymore. haha.
    Also started to read a bit of your blog. well, i guess i feel the same as you in the aspect that we are at a stage of pursuing our dreams still (we are not that young, neither have we come to a consolidation stage of life). I think you can be glad that you have had some success in your career and it seems that it is taking off quite nicely! congrats and well done!

    well… I guess this is a note to say hello and all the best in the pursuit of your dreams! 🙂

  2. Hi Romeo Tan!!! 🙂
    After joys of life, i started noticing you. As in paying more attention to you and stuff. It was really a great show and I am so impressed by your acting skills.
    Stay cool and handsome and all the best in your career! x

  3. 有时候真的觉得(也可理解为何)做朋友比做情人好。要做情人便会有更多顾虑、更多的包装,还不如做朋友来的自由自在、轻松自在。做情人后也许会开始害怕失去,还不如当无话不说的好朋友。一旦踏出那第一步,就不能回头当朋友,起码那疙瘩将永远残留。

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