Ti Gong Tia Gong Lang

Ti Gong Tia Gong Lang (Dialect)

If you understand what’s the meaning above maybe you will agree with me that even if you are abnormal you are still being blessed.

“they” do not have to worried about politics in life nor they have to worried about people relation matters. they live their own life without sadness or maybe they do have their sad times just that they don’t realise it…

But we are all blessed with good health and a life which is so much better than others… If only you are contented.

But if you always tell yourself not to compare not to challenge not to be too calculative, then again will you be happier after compromising all these?

I think… 有时候不知道还是比知道来得好。


4 thoughts on “Ti Gong Tia Gong Lang

  1. 真的,不管什么… 有时侯不知道还是比知道来得好…
    One eye open, open eye close…
    Just Follow your heart.. 跟着自己的心走..
    不管别人怎么看或想,自己觉得是对的… 就 Ok 了!
    最重要的是自己要开心… ^_^

  2. There’s no end to all the competition. Competition breeds self-hate and jealousy. I don’t think Ti Gong will bless anyone who’s hoping for others to fail so that one can succeed, so what you posted is very true. May you remain humble and resilient always. Merry Xmas!

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