Stand Up

Completed another Korean Drama “To the Beautiful You 致美丽的你”. Come to think of it I actually started watching this drama not because of the cast but the OST. My younger brother is actually the one who’s into Kpop and I get most of the latest news from him (LOL). So he was watching “To the Beautiful You” and I noticed the OST by J-Min – Stand Up. 

After watching a couple of episodes I then realise it was produced by SMTown and I’ve a better understanding of SHINee and f(x).

J-Min – Stand Up:

I suspect that the music I like tends to have some rock elements in it. Just like how I love Ayumi’s Evolution, M, Surreal, Memorial Address etc…

On a side note, Thank you to a small grp of TJC’s member for helping out on a short clip for my coming drama “IT TAKES TWO” catch a glimpse of them when it airs 🙂


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