growing up

Here’s my 1st post in 2013. I’m glad I’m still alive and I’m living better than before. It’s been a long while since I drop by this blog, hmm.. I just assumed I’m busy with work if not the next best answer will be I’m just lazy.

Ok. No long winded new year resolutions for me. I Just want to be happy with all the decisions I made even if it is a wrong decision at least I learn something out of it. Next will be good health to my family especially my parents and lastly, may my nephew learn to call me “二叔” soon.

2012 has been a great year so far, I make new friends, get to see the world in a different light, see myself mature quite abit. Of course my life is not a fairytale so there are still times where I have my downs… It’s just part of our life to face problems and overcome it on our own. That’s how we grow!

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4 thoughts on “growing up

  1. We learn as we grow and we grow as we learn. Just follow your heart for any decisions that you make and there will be no regrets. Believe in yourself and have faith. Hope 2013 will be a great year for you and your family. =) Be happy!

  2. 人与事物似乎是我们生活中不可缺少的一点。






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