Yup I appreciate what comes my way and reality is always ugly. U don’t always get everything you want… but life is a game, u have to work hard for what you want even if you don’t get the result be grateful that U at least have chance to try 🙂

In about 2 more weeks I will be officially ORD! well, the excitement is getting dimmer cause now that i’m clearing Lve / Off it already feel like i’m ORD-ed and honestly my vision is still blur cause I have not settle down yet, thou i’m doing good at the moment but I believe it can be better.

Watched many movies this month, some were bad and some were terrible (why do I even choose it?) but some were EXCELLENT! I narrow down to 3 of them! and they are………………….

#1 – My Sister’s Keeper

#2 – Julie & Julia


#3 – 500 days of Summer


I tear when I watched My Sister’s Keeper and in my memory, the last time I tear so badly is with Titanic (that’s a classic film isn’t it) therefore I’m very happy after the show cause another good film touched me! It was so good that I’m gonna buy the DVD just like what I did after watching Titanic and FYI last time the technology only have LD (laser disc) and it was quite expensive I spend abt $80 on it.

One of the reason I like J&J is because of Meryl Streep and it all started from Devil wears Prada and follow by Mamma Mia! then Doubt and now Julie & Julia =) She’s good and this film was quite different… it makes me wanna COOK as well lol =)

500 days is simply the Sweet Romantic Story but I think mainly is the Casting, especially the male & female lead and I like the way they edit the film. Instead of going day by day they bring you to back and throw u back to the beginning and U jus want to continue to find out more. It’s quite interesting I must say.

Check out the trailer of My Sister’s Keeper.


a dark fear



“Coco Before Chanel is the story of Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel, who began her life as headstrong orphan, and through an extraordinary journey became the legendary couturier who embodied the modern woman and became a timeless symbol of success, freedom and style. The film portrays the formative years of Chanel’s life, the years of Chanel spent discovering and inventing herself.”

coco_before_chanel_poster_4Caught this movie a week ago. basically this a life story of Gabrielle Chanel, known as Coco, before she became famous. Enjoyed this movie especially with the French language it makes it sound so nice. True Story is always the best but on the other hand. it always come with a sad ending too. If you read her biography, you will have known that after her mother’s death, she was put in an orphanage by her father who worked as a peddler. She was raised by nuns who taught her how to sew—a skill that would lead to her life’s work.

This movie also gave me a glimpse of the era back in late 80s and early 90s. The clothes, dress they put on themselve and how accessories like feathers that differentiate their “level” back in their era/society. Is quite interesting and fun to see Gabrielle Chanel having her own style which is totally different and maybe to the rest back then, it was just unacceptable. I love her confidence and admire peoples with such confidence and able to make decision without others influence. Sometimes, I hope to have such courage when i’m put to make a decision. I may seem confident but still lacking somehow.

About AUDREY TAUTOU, actually I never heard of her before till this movie but hey she was famous and it was said that she stars in all the Great Movie and of cause her acting is good! Will start to dig out all her past movies.

Another 50++ days and I’m stepping out to face the world and finally can start doing things I like but there’s like a dark fear inside me cause I never know how things will turn out. I’m not worried about finding a job but is the right job which i’m worried about. I do not wish to stuck at a career which I don’t enjoy and live my life like how the majority did. I want to be different and take control of what I want. Is as simple as that isn’t it? =)

why does ORD seem so near yet so far?
I want to be FREE. you hear me?

haha. cheers!


Yesterday caught a late night movie @ Marina. Just nice bump into Jack Neo Sneak Preview of his new movie “Where got Ghost” anyway watched “Orphan”. There’s really something wrong with esther! Is not those ghost scary type where things can’t explained, there a really good twist in the movie… at least I never expect to turn out that way hahaha..

*clap clap* I like ESTHER! Her acting is SO good. I mean for such a young age to act out such a complex chartacter i’m sure it’s not easy at all. Impressive.

orphanpostermor about Esther. . .

Isabelle Fuhrman

is an American child actress. Fuhrman starred as Esther in the 2009 film Orphan alongside Peter Sarsgaard and Vera Farmiga. Her other film credits include “Grasshopper” in the 2007 film Hounddog, the role of Gretchen Dennis (aka Girl Ghost) opposite Jennifer Love Hewitt on the hit TV show Ghost Whisperer, Grace O’Neil in the pilot episode of the 2006 television series Justice, and a number of national commercials like Pizza Hut and K-Mart. Fuhrman also appeared in comedy skits on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and she is known to have provided character voices for a number of TV programs and films.

Fuhrman was born in Washington, D.C.; her mother, Elina Fuhrman, is a journalist, and her father, Nick Fuhrman, was at one time the chairman of the Republican Partyin Dane County, Wisconsin. — Wikipedia

IU – Gee / Lies / Sorry Sorry

the Launch!


Singtel is launching iPhone 3GS on 10 JULY 2009! Arrggg… so wanted to get it but sadly i’m still serving my NS! IF only camp allow camera phone. haha cause it will be so convenience having ur MP3, Video Player and your mobile all in one device. Plus with the street directory on hand it will make my v-comd job much easier lolx! okie, not as if i’m going to sign on but i’m quite sux in our SG rd directory!!!


Here are some features:

– Launch and switch between applications quickly.

– Shoot, edit and share video right on your phone.

– Make a call or play a song using just your voice.

– Downloads data much quicker at 7.2 Mbps using SingTel’s unrivalled 3G network



coming soon



Tired Saturday afternoon!

It’s weekend but i don’t feel energetic at all. thou i’m watching ICE AGE 3 later, which supposed  to be happy cause it’s funny right? But thinking that next week i’m gonna end my friday super late again due to RANGE (again for the 3rd times) and following monday is some outfield exercise… ohhhhhhh gawd!


Initially applied for leave to Bangkok Banyan Tree but was cancelled due to H1N1. Mood cut down by half yet camp stuff never seem to cut. things still goes on in fact getting worst due to manpower. next month will be worst i guess… (those in Group1 should understand)


bla bla bla…….. life goes on.

another complaint entry! yawn.

interesting movies…


Nicolas Cage stars in Knowing, a gripping action-thriller of global proportions about a professor who stumbles on terrifying predictions about the future—and sets out to prevent them from coming true.

In 1958, as part of the dedication ceremony for a new elementary school, a group of students is asked to draw pictures to be stored in a time capsule. But one mysterious girl fills her sheet of paper with rows of apparently random numbers instead.

Fifty years later, a new generation of students examines the capsule’s contents and the girl’s cryptic message ends up in the hands of young CALEB KOESTLER. But it is Caleb’s father, professor JOHN KOESTLER (Nicolas Cage), who makes the startling discovery that the encoded message predicts with pinpoint accuracy the dates, death tolls and coordinates of every major disaster of the past 50 years. As John further unravels the document’s chilling secrets, he realizes the document foretells three additional events—the last of which hints at destruction on a global scale and seems to somehow involve John and his son. When John’s attempts to alert the authorities fall on deaf ears, he takes it upon himself to try to prevent more destruction from taking place.

With the reluctant help of DIANA WAYLAND (Rose Byrne) and ABBY WAYLAND, the daughter and granddaughter of the now-deceased author of the prophecies, John’s increasingly desperate efforts take him on a heart-pounding race against time until he finds himself facing the ultimate disaster—and the ultimate sacrifice.  http://knowing-themovie.com/


Based on a chilling true story, Lionsgate’s THE HAUNTING IN CONNECTICUT charts one family’s terrifying, real-life encounter with the dark forces of the supernatural. When the Campbell family moves to upstate Connecticut, they soon learn that their charming Victorian home has a disturbing history: not only was the house a transformed funeral parlor where inconceivable acts occurred, but the owner’s clairvoyant son Jonah served as a demonic messenger, providing a gateway for spiritual entities to crossover. Now, unspeakable terror awaits when Jonah, the boy who communicated with the dead, returns to unleash a new kind of horror on the innocent and unsuspecting family. http://www.hauntinginconnecticut.com/