my little short trip.

Recently came back from a short beach resort trip in Phuket. A very nice place to relax and enjoy the very slow pace of lifestyle. Spent only 3days there but is definitely more than enough to re-charge myself. =)

After we touched down from Phuket airport, there’s a short 30mins car ride and follow by a 10mins boat ride before we reach The Naka Island.

Fantastic views isn’t it? Now let me show you the villa which I stayed.

The steps that lead to the far end door is the main entrance.

A mini private pool to dip in and maybe enjoy a glass of Champaign and some cheese.

I’m very particular over the bathroom/toilet whenever I go on a holiday and this is my first time experiencing an open concept toilet. How relaxing is that! There’s even steam-bath facility in it =)

I find this cute and interesting. On the main entrance we have this stone with open/close eyes. Basically it replaced the usual tag of DO NOT DISTURB which hang outside ur hotel door. So when eyes are opened they are allowed to enter to tidy ur room and vice versa.

This is how we “ring the door bell”, the rope is tied to a bell inside ur villa. cute huh.

So other than the luxury lifestyle that I’m enjoying the next thing which I enjoy alot is capturing down all the beautiful moments. NOT ME of course…. erm..

SO apart from all the beach and sands there’s also a small path that leads to the local village.


Another name for NAKA is SNAKE (Snake Island) but I only met one snake for my entire trip. I have to admit this is a great shot and I got really close to it. Priceless shot!




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a trip down underwater

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to everyone!

So I’m back from my first diving experience! Somehow this trip seems like a backpacking trip, make many new friends coming from all over the world. Some are experience diver and some are noob just like me. The travel from SG to Pulau Aur took quite some time. We first board a 6hrs bus ride into eastern part of Malaysia then transfer to a speedboat which shuttle us to the ferryboat (due to low tide) and the whole boat ride took another 4hrs. By the time we reached Pulau Aur it’s already 4.30AM in the morning.

The whole travel was just dark as we set off in the evening from SG. This is how the ferryboat looks like with double-deck bed and fully air conditioned. It’s past 11pm by the time we board the ferry and most of us are either sleepy or suffering from sea sick haha. Trust me I had a good 4hrs of  Viking boat ride. It was pretty fun and exciting to be sleeping in it because you will be woken up in shock as the waves hit randomly!

this is the diver resort in Pulau Aur.

The room is simple afterall it’s just a place for you to rest as most of the time you will be out in the sea 🙂

The view from our Room.

Look how clear the water is…

Does this remind you of the game Fishing Joy? haa

My good friend who is also my buddy for this diving trip! We came out with all kind of hand signals to be used in water. Some signals are just hilarious!

I call them the Residence of Pulau Aur.

This is my group! We are the noob diver:)

While waiting for our Dive Instructor, we do what we best at “leh-pak one corner”!

Our BBQ dinner! Other than the clear water & nice scenery the other thing I liked most is the FOOD! That includes Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks and DINNER!

We had a total of 4 dives in this trip (3dives on Sat and last one on Sun morning) and the last dive which is the above pic was the most fun and memorable! We started the dive with sunny weather and ended with a stormy rain!  Thanks to my waterproof iPhone case which was given to me by my fans if not we might not get these shots. =)

Look how heavy the rain is…

My new Aussie Friend =)

Dave my Dive Instructor from “Friendly Waters Seasports” and also the owner of this dive resort! If you are keen to learn diving or looking to go for a dive trip, check out FWS website for more infos:

Check out the rest of  the pictures below or visit my Facebook 🙂

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a 5D4N road trip

Another road trip to Malaysia but this time round was somewhere away from the city… Set off at 2.45am on Saturday morning as the journey is a pretty long one, a total of 570+km! It was indeed fun and exciting especially this my first time driving up the mountain which took us nearly 2hours to get up with a distance of 71km! There are actually many interesting sights to see while on the way up. Check out the pictures below…

Cameron Highlands is famous for their Boh Tea Plantation & Strawberry Farm.

The stray dogs there are pretty good looking…

She’s so cute!

It seems hot but is actually pretty cooling up there.

It’s alive.

Cameron Highlands Resort

Don’t you just love the ambiance?

I basically just lazed my day away with such a ROOM!

I luv this cozy corner!

I can be quite picky when come to the hotel’s toilet…

With this standard is definitely a PASS to me =) haha

The awesome antique mercedes taxi.

This is way better than our Cup Corns!

Satay along the roadside was simply delicious!

This trip is not just about the high mountains and the beautiful hotel… On the way back to SG I make a quick stop at Johor, Muar to look for Andie, Elvin and Chris but sadly Chris is away in KL when I arrived. Nevertheless, the trip is still pretty fun filling plus I have never been to Muar before so that makes it even more interesting. I was surprised that Singapore artists are pretty well known there. They even recognized me even thou I’m still a newbie in this showbiz and YES they are very nice to us =) There’s a group of gals who actually followed me down the street just to take a picture with me:)

It was really nice to see the brothers of C.L.I.F. again after so long! See you all again when you all return back to SG 🙂

Went over to see how’s filming like over there 🙂

the Muar Town ah-beng!

Seriously, I can’t find any moment that can be nicer than this! 是臭的咯!!!

They are immune to the “smell”!  -.-|||

The kiasu side of us, initially we just want to grab a cup of coffee then head for lunch but end up we are bloated by the coffee we had and there goes our lunch…. We tried 3 types of coffee: Kopi-Si peng/Sai Kee Special/Kopi Musang

 Andie has already returned to SG on my 2nd day of visit…(放我飞机。。。) thx elvin for the company!



Not exactly a story but just feel like sharing some monochrome images. Sometimes black&white image tend to express more as opposed to color.  Do you think so?

3 more days to 2011!

Let’s put the past behind and look forward to a brighter year ahead!



忙完了三个月的比赛,终于可以松懈一下出国走走。。。 第一次到韩国/首尔, 真的很高兴因为除了日本我最想到的国家就是韩国。今年可以说是个完成梦想的一年。。。2010年的这路程可以说是有起有落,虽然不是一切完美但在不完美中我学会了更珍惜失去的东西。


第一次带了DSLR出远门,当然拍了很多:) 已经在Facebook里上传了,拍了大概500多张!哈哈。。。


MyeongDong 真是个购物天堂。

这里的Ginseng Chicken Soup可是我喝过最好的一个!


MyeongDong Gyoza 的人气真的很旺,去了两次都没机会吃到。第三次去才终于吃到!
最喜欢的就是这个冷面 。


Gorilla in the Kitchen @Apgujeong


ZEN HIDEAWAY@Apgujeong (near Dosan Park)
One of my favorite restaurant 🙂

强力推荐LE ALASKA! 我最爱的Breakfast/Brunch咖啡厅!现在回想那里的面包就让我流口水!!!


I shall end here. Will be posting a BW series entry soon 🙂