growing up

Here’s my 1st post in 2013. I’m glad I’m still alive and I’m living better than before. It’s been a long while since I drop by this blog, hmm.. I just assumed I’m busy with work if not the next best answer will be I’m just lazy.

Ok. No long winded new year resolutions for me. I Just want to be happy with all the decisions I made even if it is a wrong decision at least I learn something out of it. Next will be good health to my family especially my parents and lastly, may my nephew learn to call me “二叔” soon.

2012 has been a great year so far, I make new friends, get to see the world in a different light, see myself mature quite abit. Of course my life is not a fairytale so there are still times where I have my downs… It’s just part of our life to face problems and overcome it on our own. That’s how we grow!

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my little short trip.

Recently came back from a short beach resort trip in Phuket. A very nice place to relax and enjoy the very slow pace of lifestyle. Spent only 3days there but is definitely more than enough to re-charge myself. =)

After we touched down from Phuket airport, there’s a short 30mins car ride and follow by a 10mins boat ride before we reach The Naka Island.

Fantastic views isn’t it? Now let me show you the villa which I stayed.

The steps that lead to the far end door is the main entrance.

A mini private pool to dip in and maybe enjoy a glass of Champaign and some cheese.

I’m very particular over the bathroom/toilet whenever I go on a holiday and this is my first time experiencing an open concept toilet. How relaxing is that! There’s even steam-bath facility in it =)

I find this cute and interesting. On the main entrance we have this stone with open/close eyes. Basically it replaced the usual tag of DO NOT DISTURB which hang outside ur hotel door. So when eyes are opened they are allowed to enter to tidy ur room and vice versa.

This is how we “ring the door bell”, the rope is tied to a bell inside ur villa. cute huh.

So other than the luxury lifestyle that I’m enjoying the next thing which I enjoy alot is capturing down all the beautiful moments. NOT ME of course…. erm..

SO apart from all the beach and sands there’s also a small path that leads to the local village.


Another name for NAKA is SNAKE (Snake Island) but I only met one snake for my entire trip. I have to admit this is a great shot and I got really close to it. Priceless shot!




Lastly, continue to watch and support IT TAKES TWO weeknights at 9pm on Channel 8 and OF LOVE AND HIDDEN CHARMS this coming monday (12Nov) on XINMSN.

the super sum up!

Hello readers. I’m back and suddenly just have the urge to blog. Nothing particular that I want to say maybe…. just to update the things I’ve been doing and had accomplished. Thing have been good so far although not in every aspect but is important to stay optimistic right… so I shall not touch on it or better still, throw it far far away!

First up. My new drama It Takes Two 对对碰 will be airing on 6th Nov’12 (Next tuesday) at 9PM on Channel 8. Is my first time playing such heartland role as a fishmonger So please show mercy by watching and give us your support and feedback.

Twitter hashtag:#ittakestwo
Second. The craft is up! New XINMSN Web drama “Of Love & Hidden Charms” is about to stream online @ Xinmsn from 12 Nov’12 onwards.

That’s my first heavy role in english drama and I’ve learned alot from this production. Not forgetting the lovely cast on set, Rebecca, Nat, Choy and Benjamin 🙂 Check out the official site where you can find trailers, teasers and behind-the-scenes clip =) It was so beautifully done!

Official Site:
Twitter hashtag: #hiddencharms

Just yesterday I did a short clip “easy breezy” with Kate Pang. We were on a date!!! but things turn out different when shane appeared. So watch out for this short clip on Ch 8. No specific date and time. Will keep you all informed when I have more info. Will announce on my twitter. Here are some pictures taken. We had lots of fun as you can see!

Lastly, My Halloween Nights with my great friends. awwww.. they are my ghostly friends from Poly. All looking good!

We visited a couple of halloween’s event…. but One event I never regretted going was the Horror Nights from USS! It just get Better!

There’s one person we need to thank to… That’s our former lecturer and now friend. Seah! Thanks for the special tour!!! Not forgetting the great company from Tracy Xavier Sheena and my poly’s gang!

Stand Up

Completed another Korean Drama “To the Beautiful You 致美丽的你”. Come to think of it I actually started watching this drama not because of the cast but the OST. My younger brother is actually the one who’s into Kpop and I get most of the latest news from him (LOL). So he was watching “To the Beautiful You” and I noticed the OST by J-Min – Stand Up. 

After watching a couple of episodes I then realise it was produced by SMTown and I’ve a better understanding of SHINee and f(x).

J-Min – Stand Up:

I suspect that the music I like tends to have some rock elements in it. Just like how I love Ayumi’s Evolution, M, Surreal, Memorial Address etc…

On a side note, Thank you to a small grp of TJC’s member for helping out on a short clip for my coming drama “IT TAKES TWO” catch a glimpse of them when it airs 🙂

starring at this blank for 15 over minutes… and I’m thinking really hard how should I continue..

things are detaching… loosing grip of how it supposed to be…

I see another side of the world… it may not be beautiful as we imagine but is definitely something to think about and lastly to accept it.